£ 60.00
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BRANSON  'F' SERIES FRONT WEIGHT KITS CLICK FOR MORE OPTIONSKeep your wheels firmly on the ground with a front weight kit.

20kg ea - use up to 3 on standard frame.
£ 1,134.00
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BRANSON 'F' SERIES CABS AND WEATHER PROTECTION CLICK FOR MORE OPTIONSWe can't beat the British weather, but come rain or shine you can be sure of a comfortable working enviroment with the following cab options.

Roof and glass front screen with wiper
£ 4,126.80
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BRANSON 'F' SERIES LOADERS CLICK FOR MORE OPTIONSRobust and functional loaders from Branson - featuring quick release couplings, intergral support legs and quick fit and secure method that means you can detatch and safely store the loader in minutes without any special tools. Branson BL00 loaders come complete with a bucket and will fit any of the 'F' Series tractors.
£ 5,412.00
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LEWIS BACKHOE FOR 'F' SERIES CLICK FOR MORE OPTIONSFrom occasional use machines to professional landscaping and digging application, the UK designed and manufactured Lewis Backhoe range and market leading in every sense.

Eco-dig 3PL mounted backhoe with remote control & 8" bucket (1.9m/6'.3" dig)