BATTERIESOur range of electric fence batteries are designed to provide optimum performance for their associated products. Each battery is matched to one or more of our electric fencing and/or handlamp products and should give reliable battery life to capacity ratios. All batteries, regardless of type, have a longer service life if they are not fully discharged every time they are used. Therefore, we recommend that you try to change / recharge your electric fence batteries before they run out completely. For example, if your battery will work with your energiser for 10-days, we would suggest changing it over or recharging it after 7.


CONNECTORSOffering a quick an simple solution to connecting either or rope, wire, tape or netting together our range of connectors will fill your required needs. Whether it be that you reach the end of your fencing or the fencing is cut or damaged the connectors will resolve your issue.


DUAL POWERED ENERGISERSDual power energiser range are energisers that can be powered by either mains electricity or a 12v battery and have low battery indicators.Dual Power energisers are perfect for making the transition from a temporary portable fence to a low maintenance mains system without the expense of purchasing two energisers. These units are ideal if you want to 'future-proof' the fence and envisage shifting from temporary to a more permanent installation and for those needing to move small poultry pens around their land where power requirements can change. The units come with leads for earth, fence and battery and a 12v mains adapter.



Turbocharge Plus Electric Fence Tapes (polytapes) are highly visible, strong and offer better conductivity than the standard Poly (Supercharge) Tapes, making Turbocharge electrified polytape more suitable for longer electric fence lines. All Turbocharge electric fencing tapes are UV protected. It is important to note that the wider the electrified tape, the more likely there is to be damage from the effects of the wind. So on temporary and portable systems it is advisable not to use 40mm electo-tape with plastic posts. If 40mm electro-tape has to be used, use on permanent systems with wooden posts and sturdy insulators. The Hotline Supercharge range of strong and conductive Electro-Plastic (Polywire) electric fencing wires, which are ideal for long runs of electric fencing. Polywire is a lightweight and robust alternative to galvanised electric fence wire particularly suited for use in portable or temporary electric fences. Due to its greater diameter, Polywire also provides a reasonable visual barrier and if stored on reels, Polywire makes an extremely versatile, portable and easy to use electric fencing material.


INSULATORSThe insulators primary role is to securely hold the fence line without power leaking from post to ground. A well designed insualtor will hold the line securely so that it will not wear the tape, rope or wire when buffeted around by the elements or will allow the line to freely pass through without the impedance of sharp edges.


MAINS POWERED ENERGISERSAn electric fence energiser (or fencer) is the device that converts mains, battery or solar power into pulses of electricity and then pushes these pulses down the electric fence line. There are many different energisers available and in the most simple terms, the main difference between them is how far they can 'push' the pulses while maintaining the voltage


POSTSHere we have our range of electric fence posts with something to suit virtually all temporary, semi-permanent and permanent electrified fencing requirements. As a rule of thumb, you will need to position fence posts between 5m and 7m apart. In sheltered areas and with more highly tensioned fence lines you will be able to extend this distance between posts, but in exposed and/or rough terrain the opposite may also be true. The better your anchor posts at the start, corners and end of the fence, the greater the fence post separation distance you will be able to get away with along the straight lengths. Please note that we do not recommend the use of plastic posts for fence corners, ends of the fence line, or with 40mm tape.


SOLAR & BATTERY POWERED ENERGISERSBattery energisers are extremley portable and offer a range of options from 6v and 9v with disposable battery and to 12v rechargable models.
Help save the enviroment and your time with an efficient solar powered electric fencing energiser. Suitable for a wide range of electric fence applications, inlcuding paddock protections, protection against deer as well as powering poultry, rabbit and sheep netting. Ideal unit for those looking for low maintenance fencing for small to medium sized set ups.



Our range of electric fencing tensioners and tighteners are designed to help you apply a good tension to your fence and stop any sagging without losing current. 

Many of the tensioners can be used with different types of electric fencing material, but you will find our preferred choices listed within the text on the product pages. For example: The T25 tensioner can be used with both wire and polywire, but we think itís (best) with wire.


TESTERSProximity tester such as the beeper detect energy from a short distance and emit a sound or diplau an LED to show the presence of power. These are useful in offering a quick indication that a fence is on.