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HOTLINE NYLON INLINE TENSIONER P19The Hotline P19 In-Line tensioner is manufactured using high grade, durable and long lasting plastic.
The tensioner is specifically designed for use with electric fencing tape up to 20mm wide, but can also be used with other materials such as polywire.
This Tensioner is most suitable for electric fences constructed using:
Wire: No
High Tensile Wire: No
Polywire: Yes
Electro-Rope: No
Electro-Tape: Yes Best - (12mm & 20mm Tape) - For 40mm Tape, use the P99

£ 5.34
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HOTLINE END TENSIONING INSULATOR P99Electric fence tape can be tensioned and held securely at the end of the fence line with this insulator. When tensioning tape, use the buckles in a similar way to the buckles on clothing - feeding tape through on one side while at the same time hauling on the other end to tighten; friction will effectively hold the tape in place. 

This insulator can also be used as a corner insulator when only the plastic mounting plate and bolt are used, remove the buckles (if you wish) and feed the tape around the back bar, there is no tensioning function if you do this so you will need to ensure good anchor points, or tensioning elsewhere on the fence line.
Suitable for electric fences constructed using:
Wire: No
High Tensile Wire: No
Polywire: No
Electro-Rope: No
Electro-Tape: Yes