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£ 1.44
RENTOKIL FLY PAPERSSimply pull out and hang
Insecticide free
Ideal for greenhouses
Non-insecticidal sticky flypaper
Inexpensive and an efficient solution for fly problem
£ 2.58
Contains Bendiocarb
Kills wasps in the nest
Effective within 24 hours
Ideal when the nest is not visible

£ 2.76
RENTOKIL ANT KILLER SPRAYRentokil Ant Killer Spray 300ml
Kills most household insects such as ants woodlice beetles fleas and cockroaches.
Can be used upside down
Ideal for treating under door thresholds
Contains delamethrin and pyrethrins.

£ 2.88
DOFF ANT KILLER POWDERFor the control of ants, cockroaches, earwigs, woodlice & other crawling insects in the home & garden.
£ 4.01
Use as a topical treatment direct to the pest
Spray on surfaces for a long lasting residual treatment
Fast acting with rapid effect on contact
£ 4.02
DOFF ANT KILLER SPRAYEffective, long-lasting control of ants, beetles, earwigs & other crawling insect pests.
Use on all hard surfaces around the home.
Ready-to-use trigger spray.
For use all year round.
1 Litre easy trigger spray bottle.
£ 4.16
GROWING SUCCESS WINDOW STICKER FLY TRAPWindow sticker for catching flies.
£ 4.42
GROWING SUCCESS WHITE FLY GREENHOUSE TRAPSticky yellow traps for the control of flying insects
Non toxic and environmentally friendly
Supplied with twist ties

£ 5.72
BAYER KYBOSHFast acting aerosol for the control of flying & crawling insects
Long Lasting
Kills flies, mosquitoes and other small flying insects
Can be applied onto window sills, skirting boards and other hard surfaces in the home.
Also kills cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs and ants.

£ 6.20
BAYER WASP NEST FOAMDestroys wasp nests within 24 hours
Can be used up to 3 metres from the nest
Can also be used on ant nests
Can be used indoors and outdoors
Treat 2-4 nests