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£ 3.05
(-9.84%) £ 2.75
HOZELOCK HOSE REPAIR CONNECTOR 2100Fits 12.5 mm hose diametre
Easy and simple to use
Permanently connects two pieces of hose
Comfortable grip to allow easy installation
Can be used as part of a complete Hozelock watering system
£ 3.76
(-10.11%) £ 3.38
HOZELOCK HOSE END CONNECTOR 2166Fits onto the end of your hose, to connect onto your tap, or for the use of an accessory e.g. spray nozzle.
Is suitable for use with 12.5mm & 15mm hose
Can be used as part of the Hozelock watering system

£ 3.79
(-10.03%) £ 3.41
Stable structure
Robust design
£ 4.00
(-10.00%) £ 3.60
HOZELOCK REPLACEMENT NOZZLE KIT 4103Adjustable spray nozzles for standard sprayer and a weedkiller cone
Jet for spot treatment
Mist for reaching wide areas

£ 5.29
(-10.02%) £ 4.76
HOZELOCK THREAD TAP AND HOSE END 21752 different thread sizes
For Outdoor taps
Pressure Washers
£ 5.39
(-10.02%) £ 4.85
HOZELOCK HOSE END CONNECTOR 2050Soft touch pads for comfortable use
Anti kink hose tail to prevent the hose kinking
The connector fits hoses from 12.5 mm - 15 mm hoses
£ 5.99
(-10.02%) £ 5.39
HOZELOCK WATER STOP CONNECTOR 2185The Aqua Stop connector has an internal valve that stops the water flow when an accessory (eg a spraygun ) is disconnected. This saves you having to go back to the tap to turn the water off when you are switching between accessories. It also helps you save water in the garden because it stops the water flow so less water is wasted.
£ 5.99
(-10.02%) £ 5.39
HOZELOCK SPARES KIT STANDARD/PLUS 4125The Hozelock 4125 Spares Kit is suitable for the Hozelock 5, 7 and 10 litre Standard, Plus and Viton
£ 5.99
(-10.02%) £ 5.39
HOZELOCK REPLACEMENT NOZZLE KIT 4133Replacement nozzles for the Pro and Viton pressure sprayer range.
£ 5.99
(-10.02%) £ 5.39
HOZELOCK HOSE NOZZLE AND WATERSTOP CONNECTOR 2292 8This adjustable hose nozzle by hozelock gives spray pattern ranging from fine spray to jet with twist control. Packaged with the hozelock Aquastop connector which automatically ceases water flow when accessories are disconnected.