£ 2.88
DOFF ANT KILLER POWDERFor the control of ants, cockroaches, earwigs, woodlice & other crawling insects in the home & garden.
£ 4.02
DOFF ANT KILLER SPRAYEffective, long-lasting control of ants, beetles, earwigs & other crawling insect pests.
Use on all hard surfaces around the home.
Ready-to-use trigger spray.
For use all year round.
1 Litre easy trigger spray bottle.
£ 4.42
GROWING SUCCESS WHITE FLY GREENHOUSE TRAPSticky yellow traps for the control of flying insects
Non toxic and environmentally friendly
Supplied with twist ties

£ 4.16
GROWING SUCCESS WINDOW STICKER FLY TRAPWindow sticker for catching flies.