£ 6.68
MOLE SCISSOR TRAPThe Mole Scissor Claw Traps is traditional alternative to chemical or toxic solutions. Highly effective, this Mole Scissor Claw Trap benefits from features that make it superior to other similar-looking pincer-type devices. The Mole Scissor Claw Trap is easy to set, with long handles that ensure a safe grip while the loose plate is positioned in the centre of the clasp. After The Mole Scissor Claw Trap has been set in the mole run, the extra-powerful spring closes the trap on the mole when it dislodges the loose plate. From above ground, the open handles make it obvious that there is a dead mole to be removed. This Mole Scissor Claw Trap is manufactured from long-lasting plated steel.
£ 6.90
MOLE TUNNEL TRAPMole Tunnel Trap - also known as a barrel mole trap - is a very traditional solution to a common garden problem, moles. The Mole Tunnel Trap is set, then placed in the mole run, and is triggered when the mole passes through it, killing it instantly. This Mole Tunnel Trap is manufactured from galvanized steel to prevent corrosion. Dual setting means the Mole Tunnel Trap is triggered whichever direction the mole enters from. This Mole Tunnel Trap used by professional mole trappers.