£ 11.48
FENN TRAP MARK 4The Fenn Trap Mk 4 is traditional sprung trap with treadle trigger mechanism for the control of squirrels and rats.
£ 12.54
FENN TRAP MARK 6The Fenn Trap MK 6 is a larger version of the MK4 Fenn trap and is use in controlling rabbits, squirrels and mink. The same precautions with regard to non- target species should be observed.

MK 6 Fenn Traps must be set in a natural or artificial tunnel which is suitable for minimising the chances of injuring or killing non-target species whilst not compromising the capture and killing of target species.
£ 3.06
FOX SNAREEach of these steel snares is made up of two lengths of wire, fitted with stops and swivels and a free running lock which complies with all laws relating to snaring in Britain.
£ 26.81
MINK TRAPA Professional Mink Cage Trap is a traditional device for the humane trapping of mink or similar sized pests.

Doors at each end close when the intruder takes the bait, safely trapping it inside.