£ 24.76
(-10.02%) £ 22.28
BAHCO 349Pruning saw for home owners
For pruning ornamental shrubs and fruit trees in the garden
Anti-friction coating for rust protection and easy cut
Toothing designed for aggressive cut on pull stroke
The length of the blade is 300 mm

£ 38.57
(-10.01%) £ 34.71
BAHCO 396-JTA general purpose folding pruning saw
Designed for cutting both green and dry wood and is ideal for professional fruit growers
Heavy gauge steel with hardened teeth for extra durability
Ergo-comfort handle provides for a perfect grip
Safety lock for the folding blade
£ 28.30
(-10.00%) £ 25.47
BAHCO P121-18-FThe Bahco bypass hand pruner has steel handles, a wire clasp lock, an off-centered bolt and a flexible spring.
£ 23.83
(-9.99%) £ 21.45
BAHCO P121-20

Bahco P121 Bypass Secateurs are light, sturdy and practical secateurs and are suitable for all types of pruning work in the garden.

Bypass secateurs are particularly suited for green wood.

The razor sharp narrow pointed blades are non-stick coated and the locking mechanism has a wire clasp at the end of the handle.