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CULTIVATORTo put the record straight, a cultivator, a rotovator and a tiller are all the same thing, an earth turning machine of varying size that is equipped with rotating metal tines that are normally powered by a petrol engine. They are designed to save hours of backbreaking work with spade in hand and can produce a variety of different end results depending on the cultivator or tiller that you choose. It is possible to break into virgin ground with a heavy-duty cultivator, transforming otherwise neglected or unused terrain into a vegetable garden or fine lawn. With a mini tiller it is possible to prepare small areas of vegetable garden for seeding or, if applicable, use it to remove weeds from between rows of existing crops without resorting to the use of a hoe. When buying one of the larger rear tine tillers it is worth considering whether it is adaptable to other accessories such as mowing decks or snow blowers, increasing its range of applications significantly. There really is a cultivator, a rotovator or a tiller for every gardening application you can think of with multiple accessories and attachments available to help you get best value from your initial purchase.


horizont was founded in 1945 by Dr Heinz Müller, since then three generations of the Müller family have managed the company including current managing director, Steffen Müller. After over 70 years, the brand name "horizont” is widely known throughout the world for its excellence in electric fencing for livestock. Over the years horizont have been at the forefront of leading-edge technology in research, development, manufacture and product superiority, this is supported by a large number of international patents and trademarks. 


GENERATORSPetrol powered generators are invaluable sources of power for numerous different applications across the globe. They can be essential in areas where electricity supplies are unreliable or completely lost after disaster and no construction site would be complete without several dozen generators buzzing away in the background. Petrol generators are also essential to the leisure industry with campers and caravan owners relying heavily on them when on long tours or holidays. There are many different models on the market to suit the countless applications they can be used for with the lightest weight versions suitable for camping and expeditions whilst the heavier, more powerful units best suited to construction sites and industrial locations.


LOG SPLITTERSAn increasingly popular piece of garden machinery over recent seasons, chiefly because of the rise in popularity of wood burners and peoples’ preferences to prepare their own firewood, the log splitter provides a safer and less tiring way to split wood than with the traditional axe or maul. The quantity and type of wood that you intend to split will determine the size and style of log splitter that you purchase. For normal sized logs that are soft wood or unseasoned hardwood, a standard electric log splitter with 5 tons of splitting pressure will suffice. If you have a large quantity of wood to split, it is preferable to use a more powerful log splitter with an upright stance; these machines are capable of accommodating large logs and normally operate with 6 to 8 tons of splitting force. Petrol log splitters are also an option, capable of delivering splitting forces between 8 to 10 tons, more than enough to split seasoned hard wood and ideal if no electrical power supply is available.


MULTI TOOLSThere is a tool for just about every job in the garden nowadays, some having infinitely more use than others. The drawback of having this vast array of equipment at your disposal is the amount of space needed to store so many different gadgets. Garden equipment manufacturers were quick to see an opportunity here and promptly began to design power units that came with a series on interchangeable attachments that took the place of existing stand-alone devices. The all-conquering multi-tool was born. The range of accessories available to begin with was modest, only basic attachments such as hedge trimmers and brush cutters being available. However, over the years more and more new designs have been introduced until a now almost endless selection of accessories and attachments are available. It is possible to choose from long reach pole pruners, leaf blowers, long reach hedge trimmers, mini-cultivators and lawn edgers to name only the most popular multi-tool accessories. The power units are normally lightweight 25cc 2-stroke engines, designed to keep weight to a minimum but provide enough power to be sufficient for most practical garden tasks.


PRESSURE WASHERSThere are more uses for a pressure washer around your house and home than you might think, with tasks such as cleaning drainpipes and washing down garden furniture less obvious than the more common car washing and patio cleaning duties that come to mind more readily. You will need to match the size and power of the machine that you choose to the job that you have intended for it. Light-duty tasks like cleaning garden furniture and washing windows will not require a powerful machine, 100 bar of pressure will suffice. Washing down vehicles and caravans can be accomplished in a satisfactory way with a pressure washer producing anything between 110 to 125 bar whilst heavy-duty tasks or frequent cleaning of large surfaces demands a machine with 150 bar of pressure or more. Don’t forget that there are numerous different nozzles and attachments to use with your pressure washer that can make your life mush easier.



Maintaining a green, healthy lawn that exudes lushness and is the envy of your neighbours will require a little more effort than simply running a lawnmower over it once or twice a week during the summer months. To promote the finest growth, the roots of your grass need to be able to breathe freely and absorb moisture throughout the growing season. If this process is going to happen, you’ll need a lawn scarifier to aerate your grass and remove built-up thatch and debris accumulated over a season of mowing. Using a powered lawn scarifier or aerator will make this much easier, dispensing with the old-fashioned and time-consuming methods of using a hand fork and sprung rake.

Gardeners have the option to choose either a petrol-powered aerator or electrically powered lawn scarifier, and that choice depends entirely on your personal preferences and the size of your lawn. As a rule of thumb, if you need to treat an area of lawn more than half a tennis court in size, one of our petrol-powered aerators will be best, giving you the freedom to work without the need for fiddly power cable extensions.


SECOND HAND MACHINERYAll of our second hand machinery has been checked over by our mechanics and is offered with a warranty(varies per machine).


SNOWTHROWER BLOWERSHaving your path or driveway blocked by snow can be a real problem, especially when a shovel is your only means of clearing the impasse. A reliable, quiet and fuel efficient power source that loves the cold weather. A lot of snow to move? No problem. Certain models will clear up to 50 tonnes per hour.