CORDLESS ROTARY MOWERSOver recent years, the technological advances in battery performance have transformed the way in which rechargeable mowers are able to function. Now, cordless lawnmowers are highly desirable tools, and require little effort to use and maintain. In the past, rechargeable mowers were heavy and cumbersome. This was chiefly down to the lead acid batteries used in the machines; modified car batteries with all of the inherent maintenance problems associated with them. Thankfully, the days of heavy, leaking batteries are past with the advent of lithium-ion technology, transforming the way we can operate garden machinery, and in particular, lawnmowers ó making them light-weight, manoeuvrable and able to work continuously when more than one battery is in use.


CYLINDER MOWERSThe lawnmowers that no cricket club, bowls association or grass tennis court can do without, the cylinder lawnmower is synonymous with fine turf cut with a well defined stripe. Probably the first commercially produced design of lawnmower we know of, dating back to the nineteenth century, the scissor style cutting action of the cylinder shaped blade system cuts every blade of grass in its path to within millimetres, with a comparatively large roller at the rear of the machine to further enhance the striping effect. These are not machines for the average lawn or garden due to the precise way in which they operate. Your grass surface will need to be even and in good condition before you can consider working with one of these machines.


ELECTRIC ROTARY MOWERSA favourite machine of many households up and down the country, the electric rotary lawnmower has proven itself in many different guises over the years but the designs are now very refined and easy to use. If you do not want to stretch to the expense of a cordless lawnmower, the electric machine is an excellent compromise. Offering very similar performance to their more expensive cousins, your only concern is the length of cable that you need to reach the furthest part of your garden. Safety has also been improved with circuit breakers preventing injury should the power cord be damaged whilst you are mowing, and, with some machines, cable guides will keep the cord away from the path of the mower. Ideal machines for gardeners with small to medium size gardens that demand a manoeuvrable, emission-free lawnmower yet donít want to stretch to the expense of a cordless machine.


FIELD & ROUGH GRASS MOWERSDifferent styles of rough grass mower are suited to the varying conditions that we find our rough grass growing in. Whether itís an orchard that has been left to its own devices for a while or an area of scrubland that needs to be cleared, there is most definitely a machine for the job. Their heavy duty construction and rock solid transmissions make these machines necessary workhorses for councils and professional landscaping agents, demanding mowers that can be put through their paces. Owners of large gardens that may contain parkland or areas that are not accessible with a ride-on machine will benefit greatly from a large rough grass mower as will owners of paddocks and meadows that need regular maintenance.


The most flexible and multi-purpose of all lawn mower styles, the 4-wheel rotary mower is also the most popular design of lawnmower available. Due to its 4-wheel design, it can accommodate grass types ranging from the formal lawn to rough orchard and anything in-between, making it an ideal choice for homeowners with mixed gardens. Designs today range from straightforward cut-and-collect lawnmowers to dedicated mulching mowers that will return grass nutrients back into your lawn. It is even possible to buy hybrid 3-in-1 4-wheel mowers that offer mulching, collection and side-discharge functions in one machine.


HOVER MOWERSRiding on a cushion of air, the hover mower is particularly easy to use due to its almost weightless nature, gliding smoothly across lawns and grassed areas with movement in any direction possible. Extremely popular with ground care teams and landscapers, their very simple design and go anywhere capabilities make them one of the most versatile styles of lawnmower on the market. A great advantage that a hover mower has over a conventional 4-wheel mower is its ability to work on slopes without stalling or causing damage to the engine (in the case of petrol machines). They are best suited to mixed areas of grass where getting a job done is more important than quality of finish. Until recently it was not possible to collect grass clippings with a hover mower but with the new hover-vac designs available today, leaving a lawn free from clippings is now achievable


MULCHING MOWERSGrass cutting in the U.K. using a mulching lawnmower has become much more popular over recent summers. Several factors contribute to this, most notably the environmental benefits from returning grass cuttings back into your lawn, reducing the need to dispose of them via a black bag to your local refuse dump. Mulching mowers are also very easy to use as there is no need to stop and empty a grass-box; markedly speeding up the time it takes to mow your lawn. A simple process of holding the grass clippings under the mowing deck until they are finely chopped and then forced back into the turf is what makes mulching machines so effective for the homeowner. Be sure to understand how to get the best from your new purchase however, as effective mulching requires a slightly different approach to regular grass cutting techniques.


REAR ROLLER LAWN MOWERSIf you like the idea of a striped finish to your lawn, a rear-roller rotary lawnmower is often the best choice. Strictly speaking, a rear-roller rotary mower is a hybrid between the classic cylinder mower and, as the name suggests, a rotary machine. The great advantage of the rotary blade is that your grass does not need to have a perfectly even surface for the mower to work correctly, meaning that you can achieve a classic striped lawn without having to worry unnecessarily about every little blemish on the turf. Another great reason to buy a rotary mower with a rear-roller is its ability to mow along the edge of a border or flowerbed without falling in; the front wheels are inset from the width of the cutting blade and rear-roller, allowing accurate mowing without wobbling on the border edge.


ROBOTIC MOWERSIf you don't like mowing the grass or simply run out of time to keep your lawn looking the way you want it to, it may be time to invest in a robot or auto mower. Pre-programmable and invented to make your life as easy as possible, auto mowers literally look after themselves and require no specific maintenance from week-to-week. They are often favoured by educational facilities and infirmaries where a low-noise approach to ground maintenance is beneficial, and with virtually no polluting emissions to contaminate the atmosphere, they are also favoured by people concerned about the environment; some models are even solar powered, keeping your energy requirements to an absolute minimum. Safety of your investment is paramount and most automowers are now equipped with anti-theft devices, preventing the unauthorised removal of the machine from your property.


The stand-on mower is designed specifically for landscapers, especially those in metro areas who have smaller, highly landscaped properties to maintain. The nice thing about the stand-on is its ability to maneuver into very tight spots, but still give the operator a chance to ride. Stand-ons also handle hillside terrain effectively, while the out-front deck provides great visibility in and around landscape obstacles