ELECTRIC GARDEN SHREDDERSExtremely simple to use and by far the most popular type of garden shredder purchased in the U.K., the electric garden shredder is no more difficult to use than a kitchen blender with user friendly on/off controls dispensing with any operating nightmares. Ideally suited to small and medium sized gardens where a mains power supply is close to hand, they will make light work of vegetation ranging from hedge clippings through to lopped tree branches, even fresh green growth if you choose the correct machine. It is worth knowing that the quiet or drum style shredders are crushing machines that work perfectly when processing woody material but do not shred green growth, whereas an impact style shredder will cope with both woody and green material, thanks to its spinning cutting cassette with fixed blades.


PETROL GARDEN CHIPPERSA necessary purchase for gardens that can be considered large or for those that contain a good number of trees and leafy vegetation, the petrol garden shredder is both flexible and powerful, with larger machines being capable of processing significant amounts of material. The petrol engines fitted to these shredders enable them to cope with tough material such as tree branches as well as barrow loads of leaves and greener material, all of which can be shredded at the same time for the best results. The blade designs of these machines allow them to cope with this mixed array of vegetation and are often easily accessible for routine maintenance and sharpening. Another great advantage of a petrol shredder is the ability you have to take the machine to the work and not vice versa, thanks to its lack of power cable.