CHAIN SAW CHAINS & SHARPENINGWe can make and sharpen any chain during the hours of 8.30am to 3.30pm Monday to Friday and 8.30 to 11.30 on a Saturday. We always try to offer this service whilst you wait all we ask is if you can bring your old chain or the complete chain saw we can make the new chain off of the old one. Our huge range of replacement chainsaw chains from Oregon, one of the leading manufacturers of chainsaw chains in the world, are designed to fit chainsaws from all leading manufacturers and models. Oregon Chainsaw Chains are always constructed from the best material and manufactured to the highest possible quality standards so you can be sure that any chains purchased from us will be safe and reliable


COIL TESTINGIf your engine is suffering from a weak or no spark then the problem may be with the magneto coil. This can be tested at FISCO. We endeavor to offer this service whilst you wait between the hours of 8.30 to 3.30 during the week and 8.30 to 11.30 on a Saturday. The price is if the coil is brought into FISCO apart from the machine . If you bring the whole machine in additional charges will be applied.


CYLINDER & ROTARY BLADE SHARPENINGAt FISCO we can sharpen both cylinder and rotary blades in house using our dedicated machinery. Our sharpening service involves more than just sharpening the blades they are set, balanced, sand blasted and repainted depending on the type. We endeavor to offer the rotary blade sharpening whilst you wait between the hours of 8.30 to 3.30 during the week and 8.30 to 11.30 on Saturdays.


ESTIMATE SERVICEAt FISCO we can fully appreciate that not everyone wants to fully commit initially to having an item repaired or serviced without a ball park figure on cost which is why we offer an estimate service. Once we receive the machine our mechanics will strip the machine down find out the issue and provide yourself with an estimate price for the parts and labour.


GENERAL REPAIRSBe it a small repair to a recoil, a fuel system clean out or a complete engine replacement our trained technicians are more than up to the task of repairing your machinery. Trained by the biggest manufacturers they do all repairs in house to the manufacturers specifications. No job is too small and we deal with most of the major manufacturers for parts keeping the cost to a minimum.


HEDGE TRIMMER SHARPENINGAttempting to cut a hedge with a blunt hedge trimmer is more of a task than its worth. At FISCO we can sharpen your hedge trimmer blades to as new condition. We can only sharpen hedge trimmer blades which have the option to be removed as you can't access all blades on the machine due to guards. We take both blades off of the machine sand blast them, then sharpen the blades lubricate and fit back onto the machine.



A service at FISCO involves a lot more than dropping the oil and changing a spark plug. All petrol machinery of course have the oil, spark plug, air filter and fuel filter changed(when applicable) but also we overhaul and adjust the carburetor and ignition, adjust the clutch, chains and belts, check and grease bearings and controls, compression test the engine,sharpen the blade( lawnmowers only) and fully clean down the machine. The machine doesn't need to be purchased from ourselves and we don't have to be a dealer for the product to service it.

From 2016 we officially became an Aspen Service Dealer. This means that every service on a Lawn Mower And Handheld Machinery has Aspen used instead of standard unleaded or 2 stroke. The reason we now use Aspen is for the following reason

1) Most modern pump fuels now contain ethanol which is very destructive to the fuel system in your garden machinery.
2) Aspen is storage stable for 5 years which means your machines start easier and perform better even after long periods of storage.
3) Aspen is a superior quality fuel and emits 99% less toxic emissions. We care about our service staff and our customers, so always choose Aspen
4) Less emissions = better for the environment and a much more pleasant working environment.
5) Aspen 2 is ready mixed with the highest quality 2-stroke oil resulting in optimum protection and machinery life for all your 2-stroke machinery
More information can be found on the Aspen website by following the link below.


SHEARS, PRUNERS & SECATEURS SHARPENINGSometimes garden cutting equipment can become blunt or not cut at all. At FISCO we offer a sharpening service. This is done every Friday so items need to be with ourselves by 5pm Thursday. We sharpen, set, grease and adjust all items to give an as new finish to each cut