BACK PACK LEAF BLOWERSNormally the reserve of professional ground maintenance teams and council workforces, the backpack blower is an extremely powerful tool that is capable of moving an impressive amount of leaf litter and associated debris. The backpack and harness systems of these machines are extremely comfortable nowadays with ergonomic padding and quick release buckles making them very safe and easy to mount. Collection of leaves is not possible with these tools although you will find that the sheer volume of leaves that a backpack blower can move will mean that you will need a large trailer to move the leaves to an alternative location.


CORDLESS LEAF BLOWER VACUUMSCordless leaf blowers may not be the ideal choice for the commercial landscaper or owner of a large, leafy garden but they are perfectly suited to clearing out summer houses, garden sheds or similar type areas where an immediate power supply is not close to hand. Capable of short yet intense bursts of performance, leaves, dirt, clutter and similar detritus can be shifted into convenient collection points and brushed up in no time at all. Due to their lightweight design, it is even possible to use these machines above shoulder height to move built up rubbish from gutters and equally difficult to reach areas.


ELECTRIC LEAF BLOWER VACUUMSPerfectly suited to smaller town and country gardens, the electric leaf blower vacuum has improved by leaps and bounds over recent years. No longer are they cumbersome and heavy with a tendency to block-up or burnout; the modern machines are extremely user friendly with good ergonomics and low weight. Virtually every model is designed as a blower vacuum with built-in collection and mulching facilities. Many of these machines also come supplied with a shoulder harness to reduce your fatigue levels and improve control.


HAND HELD PETROL LEAF BLOWER VACUUMSHomeowners with large gardens containing a significant number of trees will benefit greatly from the purchase of a hand-held petrol leaf blower come the autumn months. It will enable the rapid clearance of large areas of garden that regularly become covered in a carpet of leaves. Modern machines are lightweight and quiet running with very tight emissions control so that you still feel fresh even after an extended period of use. Leaf collection is now possible with many models thanks to easily fitted vacuum kits, with several machines containing a shredding blade to reduce the volume of leaves collected into the mesh leaf bag (included with the kit).


WHEELED VACUUMSProven to be the best of their type over four decades, the Billy Goat Wheeled Vacuum has delivered outstanding results in the toughest working conditions. Several designs are now available to make the Billy Goat Lawn Vacuum range the most comprehensive on the market, bar none. Their estate series of machines is powerful and reliable, providing property owners with a failsafe way of clearing up and dispensing with large volumes of leaves and litter. The estate range gives the operator a choice of both Briggs and Stratton or Honda engines to choose from and also self-propelled or push versions of each vacuum. The commercial multi-vac series is a further step up in performance, enabling commercial landscapers or large campuses to clear-up immense quantities of litter on a daily basis.