MID TINE TILLERS & ROTOVATORSProbably the most recognisable form of rotovator and the machine that we associate most with soil preparation, the mid tine tiller has been the workhorse of market gardeners and vegetable growers for many years, offering robust and dependable performance. For most manufacturers the style has changed little during this time with simplicity of operation the key to these machines, equipped with robust and powerful petrol engines that drive the heavy-duty tines into compacted earth and hard soil. If you are buying a rotovator to maintain a large vegetable plot and only intend to use it for this purpose, a mid tine tiller is an ideal machine choice.


MINI & COMPACT GARDEN TILLERSFantastic tools for a variety of different horticultural tasks, the mini tiller is incredibly adaptable and a must have item for any modern gardener. In its basic form a mini tiller is excellent at preparing small vegetable gardens and plots for planting and seeding, turning loosely prepared earth in readiness for the coming season of growth. They are also excellent at clearing away unwanted growth and weeds in between rows of existing crops or even tidying up flowerbeds and borders. However, with a range of accessories ranging from lawn scarifiers to edging blades and brushes, mini tillers are incredibly adaptable tools that more than pay for themselves, both in the vegetable garden and on the lawn.


REAR TINE TILLERS & CULTIVATORSThe biggest and heaviest of all cultivators, the rear tine tiller is designed to deal with the largest of cultivation tasks, from market garden maintenance to the preparation of virgin ground. The digging tines of these machines are situated behind the engine and it is this positioning that gives the operator ultimate control over the work at hand. On some machines it is possible to alter the direction of rotation of the digging tines; this produces a fine tilth that is immediately suitable for the sowing of seeds. The most powerful of rear tine tillers have interchangeable accessories such as grass cutting decks, powered brushes and snow blowers that take the place of the cultivation unit, effectively turning the machine into an all-round grounds maintenance machine. The power units of this type of machinery are often referred to as 2-wheeled tractors.