ELECTRIC CYLINDER MOWERSIdeally suited to small sized gardens that have a readily available mains power supply, electric cylinder lawnmowers will work in precisely the same way as their petrol cousins with a scissor style cutting action, delivering an immaculate striped finish to fine lawns. As with any cylinder mower, it is advisable to check your lawn before mowing begins and remove any small obstacles, e.g. stones, which could damage the blades and lead to a less than perfect cut.


HAND PROPELLED CYLINDER MOWERSLightweight and versatile, the hand-propelled cylinder lawnmower is a perfect choice for gardens with small lawns that have a well conditioned, even surface. As the name would suggest, these mowers are propelled with your own energy, a geared mechanism rotating the cylinder blade at the turn of the wheels. Perfect for a quick workout after a day sitting at a desk, these machines are often good fun to use. Do make sure that your grass has an even surface though, and donít let it grow too long as the going can get tough when youíre the only power source!


PETROL CYLINDER MOWERSAvailable in sizes that will accommodate the smallest to largest of lawns, the petrol cylinder lawnmower is the choice of the serious gardener, chiefly due to the extra care needed in looking after your lawn and the extra maintenance necessary to keep the cylinder blade in top condition. Always self-propelled, the petrol cylinder mower will leave a perfectly defined stripe on your lawn and keep your grass in top condition with the scissor-like action of the blades producing an extremely clean cut that lessens the chances of disease encroaching into your lawn.