CORDLESS AND ELECTRIC GRASS TRIMMERSExtremely popular garden tools and very well suited to smaller urban and city gardens where noise pollution can be a problem, cordless and electric line trimmers are extremely easy to use and maintain thanks to their light weight and simple design. Supplied with a nylon line for grass cutting, the electric line trimmer is normally very economical to buy and is only limited by the mains power cord that it is attached to, meaning that working away from a power source can be problematic at times. This minor complaint has been solved with the introduction of the cordless line trimmer, complete with rechargeable battery and ‘go-anywhere’ capabilities.


PETROL GRASS TRIMMERSLarge gardens with extensive borders and areas where grass can become quite long at times e.g. orchards will require the regular use of a petrol line trimmer. As a rule, these machines are normally fitted with engines of approximately 25cc in capacity, plenty enough power for the longest grass conditions any domestic garden is likely to contain. You’ll notice that all petrol line trimmers are equipped with a loop-handle midway down the shaft, offering far better control over the trimmer head than the wider grip bars of more powerful machines; essential when trimming around precious plants and ornaments.