CORDLESS HEDGETRIMMERSCordless hedgetrimmers have improved by leaps and bounds in recent times with both the performance of the hedgetrimmer itself and the rechargeable batteries almost unrecognisable from tools of the past. Offering extremely ergonomic designs that are a pleasure to use, in combination with low-weight materials, makes modern cordless hedge trimmers a must have item for any discerning gardener. A great advantage of these machines is the lack of power cable, improving safety with no chance of cutting through the power cord. The flexibility of a petrol hedge cutter is also achieved, yet there is far less noise or chemical pollution due to the clean power provided from the batteries. There is no drop off in performance either, with the ultra sharp cutting blades and powerful rechargeable batteries delivering excellent trimming results.


ELECTRIC HEDGETRIMMERSFor many years the electric hedgetrimmer has serviced gardens of all shapes and sizes, gaining popularity over the noisier petrol hedgetrimmers as performance levels have increased. In many cases a high quality electric hedgetrimmer will outperform an inferior petrol alternative, leaving a better finish and causing less fatigue to the operator. If you only infrequently cut your hedging a medium sized electric machine will be perfectly adequate. However, if you cut your hedges regularly and have a lot of work to do, a high grade electric model is necessary; built with stronger motors and more durable materials, they are capable of performing frequently without failure.


LONG REACH HEDGETRIMMERS AND PRUNERSAn indispensable tool for any garden owner that has hedging reaching to head height and beyond, the long reach hedgetrimmer will save not only your time and energy, but also improve garden safety immeasurably. With a standard hand held hedge cutter, you have no option but to reach above your head to cut tall hedging; this can be extremely tiring. However, if your hedges are 8 feet tall and more, you are left perched on top of a ladder to get to the top growth, which, at the best of times, is not ideal. However, if you have a long reach hedgetrimmer you can keep your feet firmly on the ground whilst you work your way along your hedging. The performance of these machines is excellent with incredibly sharp blades making light work of tough yearly growth. They are easy to use and nicely balanced with a shoulder harness taking the weight of the machine so you can concentrate on the job to hand.


PETROL HEDGETRIMMERSThe tool of choice when serious amounts of hedge cutting is necessary, the petrol hedgetrimmer is available in two distinct styles; double-sided or single sided. This is referring to the blade style and in most instances the double-sided blade is the better choice, certainly where domestic hedge trimming is concerned. A double-sided hedge trimmer with a reciprocating blade is easy to handle and in the right hands it is an accurate tool, covering virtually all hedge-cutting needs. Blade lengths vary but in most cases a blade of approximately 50cm offers the best compromise between balance and getting the job done. If you have extremely large amounts of hedge cutting to deal with, a single-sided hedge cutter with a long blade may be the answer; they are designed so you can simply walk up and down the length of the hedgerow without the need to stop.