BRUSHCUTTERSThe best machines for the clearance of large areas of scrub, undergrowth or grass, the straight shaft of a brush cutter permits the use of a metal blade, enabling the brush cutter to cut through mature undergrowth and woody vegetation, impossible to clear with a nylon line alone. The type of work you need to complete will determine the style of handlebars that you choose. The loop-handle style machine will give you great control for spot clearance work or where you will be working in a tight space. However, the wide-grip or bicycle-style handlebars are much better for the mowing of large open areas where a side-to-side scything motion is achievable, thus speeding up the clearance process. Most brush cutters are supplied with either a single shoulder strap or a full body harness to take the strain out of your work.


GRASS TRIMMERSWhen you’ve finished mowing your lawn, it is inevitable that you’ll be left with a few areas of grass that you simply couldn’t get to with your lawnmower. This is the realm of the line trimmer, designed to tidy-up along fence lines, around pots, trees and ornaments with its bent shaft allowing close control of the cutting head, enabling precise trimming at all times. The nylon cutting line is designed to cut grass and not the tougher undergrowth that petrol brushcutters with metal blades are built for. This being the case, the line trimmer is the first choice tool for any garden that is free of heavy undergrowth and only requires relatively light maintenance of long grass and borders.


WHEELED GRASS TRIMMERSProviding up to five times the power of a standard garden line trimmer, a wheeled grass trimmer is ideally suited at clearing areas of undergrowth that are too difficult to reach with a standard lawnmower. A heavy-duty nylon line rotates on a spool at the front of the machine and makes light work of nettles, tall grasses and similar vegetation that has been left to its own devices for long periods of time. A large pair of wheels, normally free-running, balance the body of the wheeled trimmer and make accessing awkward areas a relatively simple task for most operators. Tidying up orchards, under fence railings, along riverbanks and in between closely spaced objects will be achieved much more easily with a wheeled trimmer at your disposal.